About Us

Creative Designs was started in St Louis, MO by husband and wife Dwight and Crystal Johnson. There are some businesses that are born out of vested interests and some that are a gradual transformation of professionals to entrepreneurship. Creative Designs was formed purely out of the passion of the founders to create and offer boutique gifts.


The world is flooded with all sorts of gifts and while there is a lot of variety already at everyone’s discretion, there is always that need to be special. Parents, kids, couples, friends , families and even neighbors are always on the lookout for some unique boutique gifts that would not cost a fortune but be a tad different from what others may be bringing over or gifting to someone. It is the need for this exclusivity that lay at the heart of founding Creating Designs.


Dwight and Crystal bring to life numerous designs that would have otherwise never been conceptualized or realized. With attention to detail to each of the boutique gifts put up on sale and diligent customer service, Creative Designs Gift Shop endeavors to offer you the perfect gift. Even if you are uncertain as to which type of boutique gifts would be ideal for someone, trust Dwight and Crystal with the job and they will bring you the best at a given price and preference.

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